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For sometime now, I feel like I’ve been the Town Crier.

I’ve gone into the trenches of Motherhood, and heard what women are saying.

I’ve read their stories, I’ve shared my own.

I’ve held the space as they cried the minute they introduced themself.

I’ve gathered thousands of them together to explore what we really need.

I know what’s happening to women as they try to navigate motherhood and life… and it’s time I cried out.

We need a better way.

And matrescence is the map to navigate us there.

We are meant to have stories of becoming as guideposts on our mothering journey.

We’re meant to be inspired and comforted by the stories of other women’s lives and experience.

We’re meant to tell the truth about the emotional cost of mothering and who bears it... and what we can do about it.


Here are some of those stories, both my own and others, to ignite the change we all crave.

#238 – The Music of Matrescence – with Claire Tonti

Welcome to another soul-stirring episode of The Happy Mama Movement Podcast, where we embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound exploration. Today, we have a truly captivating artist gracing our virtual stage. Join me as we delve into the mesmerizing world of Claire Tonti and her transformative musical masterpiece, ‘Matrescence.’ In this episode, we…


#237 – How to Heal from Devorce in the Middle of Matrescence – with Sallyanne Hartnell

Welcome to The Happy Mama Movement Podcast, a place where we celebrate the journey of motherhood and explore the empowering stories of women who have triumphed amidst life’s challenges. I’m your host, Amy Taylor Kabbaz, and I am absolutely thrilled to introduce our incredible guest today. Please join me in warmly welcoming Sallyanne Hartnell, a…


#236 – The Power of a Happy List – with Amy Taylor Kabbaz

Dear friends, Today, I want to talk to you about the incredible power of a happy list. It’s a concept that has transformed my life, and I believe it can do the same for you. So, grab a cup of tea, find a cozy spot, and let’s dive into this wonderful practice together. A happy…


#235 ‘We are the Future Ancestors’ – with Annabelle Sharman

Welcome, all you beautiful mamas. We are the future ancestors and the future elders. We, as women and as mothers, are the ones to weave our wisdom through to the next generations… but only if we heal ourselves first. This was the call to action I felt as I read Annabelle Sharman’s @liveinoneness book “The…


#234 – ‘Mothering While Muslim’ – with Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri

Welcome all Mamas, from all walks of life. This is a very special episode this week with two power-house mamas, who really embody the true depth of the feminine and the strength and capacity of womanhood. This week my guests are Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri, two Muslim mothers, born and raised in the US.…


#233 – Mama Q : Matrescence for Mamas with Teenagers : with Linda Anderson

Greetings, beautiful Mamas, and welcome back to another episode of MAMAQ. Today, we’re tackling a question that often leaves many mothers puzzled and seeking guidance. It’s a tricky one, but we’re up for the challenge. In this episode, we’ll be taking a closer look at mamas living with teenagers, through the lens of matrescence. As…


#232 – Healing without a timeline – with Wendy Jackson

Hello again, beautiful Mamas. I am thrilled to introduce you to another amazing guest who will undoubtedly inspire us all. Wendy Jackson is a true force to be reckoned with – a midwife with more than 30 years of experience, a yoga teacher, a space holder, and a Mama Rising Coach. She has dedicated her…


#231 -The Real Truth about How your Brain Changes with Parenthoode – with Chelsea Conaboy

Welcome back, Mamas. We have another wonderful guest this week with the author of ‘Mother Brain: How Neuro-science is rewriting the Story of Parenthood’ which has received great reviews and is stirring up the conversation on the transition to being a parent and what is really going on inside us during this pivotal time. I…


#230 – The Power of Small Pleasures – With Regan Figg

Welcome Mamas. While the demands of motherhood and other responsibilities can be overwhelming at times, taking time for simple pleasures can help you stay grounded and maintain a positive mindset. and to remember that the enjoyment of these simple pleasures is not a luxury, but a necessity for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Incorporating…


#229 – “Why Don’t You Want Kids?!” – with Ruby Warrington

Welcome Back, Mamas! Why would a podcast about Matrescence and the experience of becoming a mother interview the author of a book about women WITHOUT kids? Because, as you’ll hear in this fascinating conversation with author Ruby Warrington, as women, we are all facing the same questions and assumptions of who we should be and…




Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being

handed a map.

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