We are healing ourselves so our children may heal the world.

Sometimes, in the early hours of the morning as I sneak into my lounge-room and sit for my morning practice, I am overcome with a sense of the role of mamas in this world right now.
It washes over me, like a wave, and I see – I mean, really SEE – who we are, and what we are being called to do.

I see a tribe of women awakening. I see the growing pains of a generation that is changing the course of the world through their own inner changes. I see how the pressure we feel to try and hold the space for everyone else is causing us to crack, and with that, we are beginning to rise up.

This is what I see:

We are the mothers of a new generation.
We are the ones redefining what it means to be a woman, partner, mama, daughter and sister.
We are the goddesses. Not because we stay home or because we breastfeed or home school or work, but because we are awakening.

We’re changing what it means to be a woman.
We’re changing who the world thinks we are – no more undervaluing us:
We’re mothers.
We are the creators of the next generation – the ones that will turn this world around.

We are the ones who are healing our past and questioning the old beliefs so the same mistakes are never made again.

This is about being whole so we change the world – one child at a time.

And in this world, there is no comparison, there is no judgement. We don’t judge each other as women – those times of fighting against each other are done. We’ve felt that pain, and we’re no longer engaging in it.

We’re learning how to own who we are now. It’s painful at times – we’re undoing generations of staying small and hiding our power – but we’re willing to go through the fire to emerge strong now.

We can see that we are the ones to change things. And so even though we struggle, we know that we’re on the edge of grace. We know we can’t just live unconsciously anymore. We can’t just accept the pressure that the world is putting on us to be all and do all even when our health and our hearts are screaming ‘no more’.

We know what that silent scream means. And we know that if we don’t tend to it, the silent screams turns to real screams. Screams at the ones we love. The ones we want to do this all for.

So we’re saying no more.

No more to that pressure. No more to believing that busyness and perfection is the way we define ourselves. No more to the race.

This is a new era for us.
We’re empowered but from a place of deep confidence in the worth of a woman. We know that with each challenge, we grow. We know we are connecting to a new sense of self, and we know that will mean some people will fall away. Some relationships will change. Some things will need to go. But we’re ok with that – because we refuse to just blindly go through life anymore.

There is no going backwards now – it is always up. Even when it doesn’t feel like that.
Always up.

We’re here. We’re back. We are the Mamas.

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