#234 – ‘Mothering While Muslim’ – with Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri

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Welcome all Mamas, from all walks of life.

This is a very special episode this week with two power-house mamas, who really embody the true depth of the feminine and the strength and capacity of womanhood.

This week my guests are Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri, two Muslim mothers, born and raised in the US. But as children of immigrants, they are also intimately familiar with the struggles faced by second-culture families. With eight kids between them and a combined 25+ years of parenting experience, Zaiba and Uzma share perspectives, resources, and mutual support, helping their fellow American Muslim moms to connect, work together, find solutions, and thrive.

As well as being awakened women in their own right and spiritually driven to educate and fight for justice, they are also business owners and the hosts of their very own podcast, ‘Mommying While Muslim', a weekly podcast about the challenges and opportunities encountered by Muslim parents raising children in the United States today.

From their kitchen tables, and with the help of guest experts, hosts Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri take on the unique issues that American Muslim moms face in today’s world.

But today they join me for two wonderful conversations with some very important messages that need to be shared.

[Time Stamps]

[00:00] – Acknowledgements

[00:40] – Intro

[03:06] -Mothering While Muslim

[04:15 – Why a podcast?

[08:40] – We hoped we had moved past it

[12:29] – Parenting from ‘The Nuffs'

[14:50] – It wasn't a priority

[16:38] – From One Tree

[21:05] – Racially Ambiguous

[24:13] – ‘Heaven Under the Feet of the Mother'

[27:17] – A Maaternal Religion

[30:57] – PART TWO -Uzma Jafri

[31:40] – Experiences of Motherhood

[33:33] – Eve Theory

[36:20] – The Generational Thread

[38:44] – As American Muslim Kids

[41:18] – As American Muslim Women

[42:56] – Lasting Change

[47:05] – The Podcast

[49:20] – It Could have been Different

[50:52] – Seeing Yourself in the Stories

[51:17] – Ramadan as a Mother

[56:10] – “It's the Job, or Ramadan”

[58:29] – A New Hope

[1:00:54] – Outro

We really hope you have been inspired and empowered by this amazing conversation.

Lets continue to bond and build community to ensure our children have a better world to raise their children in.

See you again very soon,

~Sat Nam~



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