#237 – How to Heal from Devorce in the Middle of Matrescence – with Sallyanne Hartnell

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Welcome to The Happy Mama Movement Podcast,

a place where we celebrate the journey of motherhood and explore the empowering stories of women who have triumphed amidst life's challenges. I'm your host, Amy Taylor Kabbaz, and I am absolutely thrilled to introduce our incredible guest today. Please join me in warmly welcoming Sallyanne Hartnell, a true beacon of strength and wisdom when it comes to healing from divorce while embracing the beautiful chaos of Matrescence.

Sallyanne is not only a highly regarded relationship & divorce coach, blogger & podcaster. She helps her clients answer the big questions they’re asking about their relationship, shift unhealthy relationship patterns, decide whether to stay or leave, & divorce with less drama. She is also a dedicated advocate for empowering women during their motherhood journey. Her profound insights and compassionate approach have helped countless mothers find healing, resilience, and joy on their paths.

In this challenging episode, we delve into the transformative topic of healing from divorce while embracing the powerful journey of Matrescence. Sallyanne shares her invaluable expertise, providing practical tools, heartfelt guidance, and empowering perspectives to help mothers navigate the complexities of divorce while embracing the transformative process of becoming a mother. She empowers grieving mamas to see divorce as an opportunity to open their hearts & minds to possibility. To reframe the story, heal the heart, & consciously choose what’s next.

[Time Stamps]

[00:00] – Acknowledgements

[00:40] – Intro

[03:02] – Divorce & Matrescence

[04:36] – A Mama First

[07:07] – The 45min Sleep Cycle

[08:10] – The Flow-On Effect

[09:57] – A Sense of Self

[11:46] – Separate Lives

[14:36] – Ka-Boom!

[15:10] – Looking Back

[17:35] – Rebuilding

[19:33] – Wanting to Go Back

[21:00] – The Process of Grief

[24:00] -A Sense of Family

[26:40] – No Perfect Way

[30:00] – Feeling It All

[33:26] – Compassion & Grace

[35:39] – Outro

So, dear listeners, get ready to be inspired as we explore stories of resilience, growth, and rediscovery. This conversation is a powerful reminder that happiness and fulfillment can indeed be found even in the face of life's most challenging chapters.

Get cozy, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, and join us on this remarkable journey as we dive into the episode with the extraordinary Sallyanne Hartnell.

Please enjoy,

~Sat Nam~



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