Is The Making of You, Mama

Matrescence is the Forgotten Transition a Woman Goes Through When She Becomes a Mama. And Understanding it Will Change EVERYTHING.
Learn How to Speak About Matrescence, Whether to Your Partner, Your Boss or Your Clients.

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What is Matrescence?

First described by Dana Raphael in the 1970s, and then recently resurrected by Dr Aurelie Athan at Columbia University, Matrescence is the groundbreaking and revolutionary way we now understanding what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother.

Matrescence changes the way we support a mother that finally acknowledges the physical, emotional, psychological, cultural and personal changes she goes through.

In other words....

It's the revolutionary new way of understanding, valuing and supporting mothers that finally liberates mothers from an outdated view of who they should be and what it means to be a 'good mother'.


And if you are ready to change the way you feel about motherhood, and want to support women through motherhood differently...

Matrescence is the answer you've been

searching for.


Finding Matrescence Changed

My Life

Twelve years ago, I became a Mama.

And in that moment, I split in two:

Who I used to be, and a Mother.

And I have spent more than a decade trying to understand that Inner Split.


Over the past ten years, I have been gathering the data, the stories and the understanding of what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother.

Nearly 5,000 women - yes, 5,000! - have been through my online programs, my coaching, my events and my retreats, and I know them.

I can tell you exactly how they feel about themselves, and about being a mama.

And I can tell you with absolute certainty what a gift understanding Matrescence is for these women.

When they know the milestones and markers of Matrescence, they can navigate this time of their lives powerfully – without overwhelm, perfectionism and shame.

Becoming a mother is not just about raising a child. It is a rite of passage for the woman that is both an ending and beginning: she will never be who she used to be, and she doesn't fully know who she is yet. 

It's time to change the way the world views mothers... and mothers view themselves.

This is what Matrescence can do

Download the FREE 'Matrescence Map' – Twenty pages, ten years of research, thousands of mamas' experiences, and more than a decade of questions answered, ALL IN ONE PLACE.

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Matrescence Map


Without Matrescence, a mama will believe there's something wrong with her.

She will tell herself everyone else is doing it better.

She will push herself to be more and do more.

And she will lose herself in motherhood.  

And I know without a shadow of a doubt...

Unless a woman understands Matrescence, she will think there's something wrong with her.

We don't need to do it this way anymore. 

I have gathered all the latest research, along with my own experience of thousands of hours listening to mothers, to revolutionise the way women feel about themselves as mothers.

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Matrescence Map

With the right 'map', a mother will finally feel understood and empowered.

With the right insight and information, she will realise she's not the only one.

And with the right words, we can gather around each other and support each other differently. 

Gathering together more than a decade of research, 'The Matrescence Map'

will give you...

Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being

handed a map.

Once you've got the map, the journey gets easier... and really, really exciting. Because it’s the making of you.

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