Ep #158 – Let the warrior energy rest

Amy Taylor Kabbaz - Let the warrior energy rest

It's been a year of deep challenges for so many of us. Who would have thought that this year would bring a global pandemic that has turned so much of our cultural systems, the way we live the way we even think about our lives, completely upside down.

And all of that came after one of the worst bushfire seasons Australia has ever seen.

Many have faced personal and internal challenges this year as well. It's been a lot to hold and to deal with.

When we are faced with challenges, there is a part of us that steps up and steps forward to do what is needed to be done. I saw this in the bushfires. And I saw this again in lockdown and remote learning.

And I know that this is what you have had to lean on this year.

This is our masculine energy.

The masculine energy, when it's healthy and balanced, is our protector. It is focused on the outcomes. It knows it needs to get somewhere and get it done for everybody to be okay. And I feel like 2020 has been the year of us living in that energy, mostly because we had to.

This has been a very masculine energy that has been required of us. And it's done a brilliant job.

In this episode, I'd like to remind you to pause for a moment and think about what that energy has done for us this year. It has kept us going. It has kept you showing up for your kids. It has kept showing up for all the things that have been asked of you. And my goodness, a lot has been asked of you.

But for that masculine energy to step back, for us to stop feeling like we need to keep going, no matter what we need to tell it, it's all good. So let's also be intentional about letting our very tired masculine energy that is it ok now to slow down, to ease up, and to rest.

Because you will need it again and for it to stand up and protect you with the required force, it needs to rest. You mama, need to rest.

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