We have been told that strength comes from our willpower, our ability to keep on going, our resilience in the face of fear. 

And yes, of course, that is true. As women and mamas, we have that innate ability to soldier on, no matter what. Especially when it involves our children. 

But motherhood requires a softening too. When life throws challenges at us, we must also learn how to surrender and trust, and honour what we are going through. 

Laura Trotta is a phenomenally successful woman in a very masculine-driven world. She’s succeeded in an industry that is dominated by the outward idea of success. And she prided herself on her ambition and achievements. 

But when her son began to show signs of social and emotional struggles, her usual coping method needed to change. And as she navigated the path to diagnosis, she realised that the only way through this was to learn how to soften and trust. 

This is a deeply moving and emotional insight into what we are capable as mothers, and how important it is to trust that slowing down to heal and process is the real sign of strength.

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