For Anna, it was more a feeling than anything:

on paper, she had the life she wanted, but when it came to what was happening behind closed doors, she was drowning.

She yelled at her kids.

She wasn't the wife she wanted to be.

She really didn't know who she was, or how to get out of this hole.

4 Months ago, when Anna and I first jumped on a call together, I could see how overwhelmed and broken she was. As she explained to me:

“Motherhood threw me for six, and I didn't know how to fix it.”

“Nothing material changed, but everything has changed.”

This is what happens when we start to really show up for this, .

We stop yelling and become the mama we want to be.

We forgive ourselves and those around us.

We have the tools to cope with whatever comes our way.

We KNOW that no matter what, we'll never ever go back to who we were again.

Anna's story is possible for us all.

When you surround yourself with the most divine group of mamas, and show up as best you can each day, things will change – it is impossible for them NOT to.

No matter where you are in your motherhood story, you can take the smallest steps to begin your own healing.

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I'm Amy.

I'm a matrescence activist - here to revolutionise the way you feel about yourself as a mama, and transform the way the world values and supports all mothers, everywhere.

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