Ep #163 – Starting Conversations in your Community with Linda Anderson


Gather a group of women together, give them language to understand what they've been through, and watch what happens:

they heal each other.

As women, we're meant to gather together, sharing our stories as well as our solutions. It's part of the rites of passage of women – reflection, discussion, being held. But when we live in a culture that isolates women and pits them against each other, the circles and discussions we need rarely happen.

Linda Anderson saw this – as a coach and mama, she saw that the women in her community wanted to come together and talk, learn, heal and support. So she decided to use Mama Rising (Hay House) to start a Book Club, and in the process, discovered a beautiful and empowering way to allow mamas to learn, grow and heal together – just like we always should have been.

You can read all about Linda's important work with mamas on her website, and join the next online Book Club here. And if you want to create your own book club in your community, please reach out to Amy on social media and share.

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