Ep #72 – Identity and Motherhood: how we can move through matrescence with Dr Catherine Birndorf

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If I could use one word to sum up the struggles and challenges that I have faced over the past 10 years of motherhood, it would be: identity.
Who am I now I am a mother? Who am I now so many parts of my independence and freedom have changed? How do I be a partner and a mother when so much of my life was about everything BUT these roles?
As I have shared in earlier episodes, I have recently discovered the study of ‘matrescence': the transition from women to mother. Since then, I have been on the hunt to understand it more, and how we might move through this change with more grace and ease.
Which has brought me to Dr Catherine Birndorf, the co-founder and medical director of The Motherhood Centre, New York. Dr Birndorf is one of the few in the world leading the conversation about motherhood in this way: that we must start looking at what happens to a woman's identity during the early motherhood years if we are to truly honour and support mothers.
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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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