Ep #164 – Changing the way we birth with Jerusha Sutton

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How we birth matters.
Not because of the way our babies enter the world – at home, in surgery, caeserean or water birth – but because the entry into this rite of passage must be empowering for the mother… otherwise, her entry into Matrescence begins with fear.
And when you look at the statistics of birth trauma in Australia and the world, this is exactly how many women feel about their births.
This interview is with one of the film-makers and creators of the hit new documentary: Birth Time.
As a doula and birth photographer, Jerusha Sutton and three colleagues, decided it was time to show what was really happening with birthing in Australia, and how we might change it.
This is not a conversation that pits one style of birth with the other. This is not all about home birthing in the most natural way.
This is a spotlight on how disconnected we are from the importance of support as a woman becomes a mother.
Mama Rising is honoured to be supporting three screenings of Birth Time in Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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