Ep #117 – Honouring your woman’s turn with Damian Waters

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This is an exciting time. We’re having conversations about what it means to be a woman, a mother, an equal, all over the world. New barriers are being broken. It’s revolutionary.
But as we change the conversation around motherhood, I am often asked ‘what about the dads?’ And my answer is usually – yes, there are big changes for men when they become Dads, but that’s not my passion. Someone else can pick that up and run with it. And I hope they do.
Well, mamas… I’ve found him.
Damian Waters, or Muddy as he is known to almost everyone, is the man behind The Wingman Collective (please go and follow him immediately. You won’t regret it).
And as I began to read his insights into being a wingman to his amazing wife, I saw something that is very very rare – but very very exciting.
Here was a man who recognised the ‘old system’ that he had been brought up in. And here was a man who was willing to work on himself and those old beliefs, and make some significant changes in order to let his wife rise too.
This interview is profound.
Damian was nervous – this was his first ever podcast – but I think that makes it even more important. It’s not a polished self-development dude just sharing another anecdote from the stage.
This is a Dad, in the trenches with his kids and his career, seeing that his wife was very lost and needing to find something for herself again.
He saw her struggles, and realised he had a part to play in it.
And so he looked within, and found that it was time for him to let her shine.
I hope you love this episode as much as I do.
Both Damian and I hope that you can share it with your partners, and start a new conversation about how you support each other.
And when you do, please let ‘Muddy’ know – I know he’d love it.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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