Ep 11: Love Languages with Nathalie Biviano

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The biggest shock to Nathalie Biviano's marriage after kids? The evaporation of emotional intimacy.

Her husband is a remarkable father (he rarely misses bathtime). But, being a remarkable father wasn't enough for her. The guy who used to put her on a pedestal….just…disappeared. She desperately missed him.

Throw in sleep depreviation, not showering for 3 days, feeling like sh*t… hardly ideal conditions for effective communication. (And she has a degree in Communications!)

And then the last straw argument. She curled into fetal position, crying. Feeling so helpless. Because she knew they loved each other, but there was something so fundamentally missing to making them *feel loved* by one another.

And then she discovered the solution.

Her vulnerable heart couldn't go on; she needed solutions NOW. So she searched and searched. Read and read. Listened and listened. Bought courses, listened to podcasts, borrowed books, attended workshops, became a master student of world experts in the game of love + marriage. 

Like any good student who was serious about getting good grades, she applied her learnings. And continues to do so, everyday.  

The results? She saw changes in my husband in about 2 weeks. Not kidding. Nowadays, she feels him looking at her like that, again. And it feels divine.

You can connect with Nathalie and find out more about what she does at www.nathaliebiviano.com

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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