#217 – When Your Child Needs You More Than You Were Prepared For… With Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

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I've been reflecting a lot over the last few years and began having the conversations with women and mamas around me about the process of acceptance, grief and surrender that we go through when we realise our children will need us more than we expected when we started out on this journey. It's a tough, yet necessary, conversation, because it's an emotional one. Listen to this solo episode with Amy as she talks about:

  • The process of matresence and transformation of where we are no longer who we used to be, while also figuring out who we are.
  • Grieving and letting go of your maiden self as we say goodbye to parts of ourselves and welcome the new.
  • How we often hold onto hope that periods and phases will end. They will grow, go to school, become independent and times we crave will return.
  • Reimagining what our child's and our own future will look like.

We need to grieve and most importantly acknowledge as mamas. Put support around us and ask the questions such as; How are you with this? How are you with this? How are you coping with this change in your vision for your family? How are you balancing yourself in this? What do you need? Not for your child, but for you?

There needs to be a change in the way mothers are valued and seen in our society. We are here to spread the whispers of Matrescence together.

Find out more and receive your Matrescence map here https://amytkb.wpengine.com/matrescence/

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I'm Amy.

I'm a matrescence activist - here to revolutionise the way you feel about yourself as a mama, and transform the way the world values and supports all mothers, everywhere.

ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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