#210 – The 2nd Inner Split with Anna Cusack

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What does matresence look and feel like when you are aware of what is approaching? When you have the knowledge and understanding that many of us do not have before being engulfed into the fourth trimester? How is it different for each pregnancy? How can we prepare for the changes that are coming? Curious questions such as these and more are discussed with Anna Cusack. Anna is a postpartum doula and motherhood support mentor, guiding new and experienced parents through pregnancy, the fourth trimester and beyond. Listen as Amy and Anna dive into conversation including:

  • The space of waiting. Being in the thick of matresence and curiously wondering what is in store.
  • When our fantasies and visions are vastly different to what we had began to imagine and the expectations that come alongside motherhood.
  • How our feelings can be passed through generations unknowingly.
  • How amazing we are as mothers alongside the invisible work of parenting and the motherload.

Anna reminds us that we are all worthy of all the support we feel we need and recognising that alone can be a lot. To find out more about Anna and her book, Mama You Are Not Broken, you can connect with her @annacusackpostpartum and via www.annacusack.com.au.

Within these conversations we change the way mothers are valued and seen in our society and spread the whispers of Matrescence together.

Find out more and receive your Matrescence map here https://amytkb.wpengine.com/matrescence/

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I'm Amy.

I'm a matrescence activist - here to revolutionise the way you feel about yourself as a mama, and transform the way the world values and supports all mothers, everywhere.

ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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