#182 – We All Need to be Heard with Dusk Liney

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It blows my mind that I get to work with women like Dusk.

That Dusk has been trained in the Mama Rising formula and is now a facilitator teaching others about matresence. As you can hear from this deep, moving and sincere conversation, Dusk brings a wisdom, knowledge and grace to all that surround her.

Listen as Amy and Dusk hold space for each other, and an entire network of Mamas who listen, including:

  • honouring the incredible giving that comes alongside birth and matresence
  • when its hard to be present with silence and how much gentleness it can require
  • how the feeling of not being able to get up, at different points in your motherhood journey, needs to be looked at differently, without shame
  • how ‘it' is not wrong anymore, it is as it is.

This conversation will move you, stay with you after the conversation has ended.

Dusk Liney is a listener and space holder, who lives, works and mothers on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Land. Dusk has two businesses: The Listening Squad (with her biz partner Jo) and The Listening Mama. Dusk is a contemplative circle holder, birth doula, spiritual companion and matrescence facilitator. Weaving this all together, Dusk meets people in the midst of their life and listens to their story. She invites people to encounter their inner wisdom and live from that place into their lives, work or birth. The way Dusk holds space is informed by community development, the contemplative movement, birth and motherhood studies, as well as the therapeutic tool of spiritual companionship. Dusk believes in the power of bearing witness to someones' story because every person is of value and needs to be heard.

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Within these conversations we change the way mothers are valued and seen in our society and spread the whispers of Matrescence together.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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