Ep #138: Balance and other BS with Felicity Harley

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Balance is all BS, right?

We're mamas and women, we've chased that dream and realised it was a pipe dream. Right?

It seems many of us are still not 100% clear on this.

Even though we've heard the stats and know the reality, many of us are still believing that if we worked harder, got more organised, woke earlier or finally started meditating, we might find that balance we were promised.

Enter Felicity Harley, mama to three and another former ‘superwoman'.

Felicity has dived deep into our belief system of why we think Balance is possible, and what we do to ourselves in our pursuit of it.

And in this interview, she shares her own insights and experience, as well as the answers she has discovered along the way into what it really means to be a happy mama and woman in this time of our life.

‘Balance and other BS' by Felicity Harley is published by Allen & Unwin.

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