For sometime now, I feel like I’ve been the Town Crier.

I’ve gone into the trenches of Motherhood, and heard what women are saying.

I’ve read their stories, I’ve shared my own.

I’ve held the space as they cried the minute they introduced themself.

I’ve gathered thousands of them together to explore what we really need.

I know what’s happening to women as they try to navigate motherhood and life… and it’s time I cried out.

We need a better way.

And matrescence is the map to navigate us there.

We are meant to have stories of becoming as guideposts on our mothering journey.

We’re meant to be inspired and comforted by the stories of other women’s lives and experience.

We’re meant to tell the truth about the emotional cost of mothering and who bears it... and what we can do about it.


Here are some of those stories, both my own and others, to ignite the change we all crave.

Ep #153 – Matrescence and Adoption with Melissa Christian

Matrescence isn’t about birthing a child. It is about the whole journey of nurturing and raising children. It is about the way lose ourselves and find new versions of ourselves in and around our role a Mother. And in today”s podcast episode I am sharing with you the amazing story (so far) of an incredible…


Ep #152 – How our job influences our expectations of motherhood with Edwina Sharrock

“I should know how to do this” – it’s the catch cry of so many mamas as they navigate motherhood. We have grown up with The Maternal Mandate – an assumption that because you are aa woman you should a) want to have a baby, b) find it easy and natural to become pregnant, birth naturally…


Ep #151 – The Fairytale of Motherhood with Annie Love

Annie had wanted to be a mum since she was a little girl. Before she had her children she had a very clear idea of what motherhood was going to look like. But her fantasy was a long way from the reality she experienced. As a mum of three sons, the youngest of which who…


Ep #150 – Motherhood and the Heroine’s Journey

For the one hundred and fiftieth episode of the Happy Mama Movement Podcast, I wanted to reflect on the journey a woman must make in her life – and the three elements she needs to be able to sustain her in that journey. Many years ago, I first came across the work of Maureen Murdoch…


Ep #149 – The Yoga of Birth with Katie Rose

Katie Rose is an inspirational powerhouse, making ancient yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women. She has weaved in and out of my life over the last decade and to say I am grateful for her knowledge and influence. We are currently working together and sharing resources through yoga, Ayurveda and essential oils.…


Ep #148 – Connection Not Perfection with Amy Cox

We worry we’re not doing enough for them, then we worry we’re doing too much for them. We feel bad we don’t play enough with them, and then we worry about all the other things we need to get done while we play with them. Motherhood is full of contrasts – and doubt. But what…


Ep #147 – Radical body acceptance with Dr Rebecca Ray

Our bodies are the source and creator of motherhood. They are the vessel for the gifts of our children. But what happens when our body doesn’t follow the ‘plan’ of pregnancy and birth? What happens when you feel your body let you down, or is now changed forever? Dr Rebecca Ray is one of the…


Ep #146 – The Inner Split

For many years after my first child was born, I struggled with trying to find the balance between who I was before my children arrived, and being a mama. It was as if I was a mass of contradiction – on the one hand, I wanted nothing more than to give myself to my children,…


Ep #145 – The liminal space in motherhood with Jessie Harrold

It’s the space in between. It’s the not who you used to be, and not quite who you will be yet. It’s the darkness and the opportunity. And as my guest in this episode describes it: it’s the liminal space in motherhood. Jessie Harrold is a couch, doula and author. She has been working with…


Ep #144 – Loving your way back with Allison Kate

Sometimes, the most profound changes in our life come from the most simple ideas. This week’s podcast is a living example of that. Allison Kate is a mama of two girls. When she found herself pregnant with her second baby while still trying to understand the realities of the physical challenges her first baby was…




Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being

handed a map.

Once you've got the map, the journey gets easier... and really, really exciting. Because it’s the making of you.

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