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Day 1

motherhood & her body

Day One Reflection Questions

How has motherhood changed the way you feel about your body?

What are the messages (conscious and unconscious) that the world tells you about your body, how you birthed, and how you look now?

If you could whisper the wisdom of matrescence to another mama, what would you want her to know?

And our commitment as a collective this week?
To be aware of the images and words we use when representing women and mothers.

Day 2

motherhood & her mind

Day TWO Reflection Questions

The world tells us that 'baby brain' is something frustrating at best, debilitating (and weak) at worst.

But the truth is... when we become mothers, our mind shifts from ME to WE.


This explains why some women suddenly don't want to return to that job anymore,

why some want to start a passion project whilst at home with the little ones,

why so many mothers seem to 'suddenly' go organic, or toxin free, or change the way they shop and eat,

and why we see so many mothers walking the streets protesting against climate change and all other issues.

It's because she has a NEW SUPERPOWER.


So... what does this mean to you?

How has motherhood changed the way you see the world?

What new "super powers" can we bring to light for ourselves and others??

And what do you wish workplaces, governments, and corporations really understood about a mother's mind and her way of thinking now??

Day 3

motherhood & her relationships

Day THREE Reflection Questions

What do we expect from our relationships when we become mothers?

Having supported thousands of mamas over the past decade, I can tell you the answer is usually:

a lot!

We expect the spark to stay the same,

We expect support and equality,

We expect to feel seen and heard,

We expect to still feel like the woman and the lover in our relationship, and not just the mother (and traditional definition of wife!).


But the truth is: we change, and so does our relationship.

And within Matrescence and motherhood, there is a beautiful opportunity to begin explore our FEMININE strengths, and not live in our masculine all the time.


Questions to consider:

What were your expectations of your relationships (both intimate and friendship) post babies?

How have you been living in your masculine energy?

And - most important of all, in my opinion (and what the Mama Rising training is really based on!) - what is your relationship with the feminine??

Day 4

motherhood & her work

Day FOUR Reflection Questions

In our current world, mothers are constantly pulled between 'competing devotions' -
a devotion to their work, their dream, their vision, or their financial independence,
and motherhood.

Both require ALL OF US... and are impossible to balance in our current system.

Instead, what usually happens when a woman tries to DO IT ALL is... she runs into the Maternal Wall.

"More women will run into the Maternal Wall before they hit the glass ceiling."


Your questions and reflections for today:

How have you felt the competing devotions in motherhood and work in your life, and what did it make you FEEL about yourself?

Have you run into the Maternal Wall, and again, what did you tell yourself about that?


I hope you can find some healing and peace in seeing that none of this is our fault.
It's a symptom of a system that does not value or see mothers.

Day 5

motherhood & the world

Day FIVE Reflection Questions

Ok, this is where my real Activist energy comes out 😉


I really hope you've seen this week that Matrescence - and a redefining of motherhood and how we support women as mothers - has the potential to change the world.


Matrescence has the potential to impact how we educate our children about parenthood, how we birth, how we parent, how we welcome both mother AND father back into the workplace.


And it has the potential to empower change in policy, in government, in health and in communities.

BUT... as I shared today, it's going to start from the ground up.
It's going to start with US.


Why? Because we have The Mother energy within us.
We are the creators of life. We can activate this within ourselves, and then within each other.


So, what has been activated in you this week??
Has a fire been lit in you to be a part of this change in a particular way, or a particular area of motherhood and Matrescence?

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