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Honouring the Mama & the Woman Meditation Pack

Think of these meditations as your RESET KIT.

Your little tool box that will help you instantly switch off that overwhelm, remember what is important, and re-train your brain to be calmer and more connected.

Perfect for the total beginner, or a seasoned meditator struggling to incorporate it into her mama life.

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Never before have we had so much to juggle.

Between work, our family, our health, our jobs, our relationships, our community, and our dreams, most of us wake up each morning already exhausted. Our to-do lists never end, and the joy we thought we’d feel in this time of our life is nowhere to be seen.

Adrenal Fatigue is at an all-time high.

We’re burnt out and anxious.

But we don’t feel like we can stop and rest. 

there's just too much to do.

Fifteen years ago, I started my mamahood journey believing that I could DO IT ALL. Great career, great house, great marriage, great friendships. I pushed myself every single day, never realising I was completely addicted to being busy. I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t sit down.

Like an addict, without my ‘hit’ of busy-ness and productivity, I didn’t know what to do with myself. The reality was – I didn’t value anything more highly than being busy.

I thought life was about hard-work and climbing the ladder. Motherhood was amazing, but it didn’t mean I could suddenly slow down and sit on the floor with playdoh! I had things to do, you know? A house to keep to a certain standard, and a life to keep up with.

Little did I know that underneath it all, I did not value being a mother and all the day to day tasks that were needed. And I could not see the worth in myself as a woman.

I believed that my job and my to-do list defined who I was.

Fast forward more than a decade, and everything is different.

We are not taught to honour being a mother. We’re not even really taught to honour being a woman.

We’re told we need to be as strong and charismatic as the men, and climb the ladder equally as everyone else.

But the truth is –

we are in the Mother Season of our life. This is the time for us to be nurturing our family, and holding the space for them to grow. This is a period when our days are split into a million tasks and we have to multi-task like a professional juggler.

And the only way we can get through this time without burn out and anger is to honour this time in our life.

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The Role of Meditation

Meditation is the key to my sanity. It has taught me how to slow down, stop the racing thoughts, and breathe in the moment, even when my three kids are screaming at me.

Meditation has allowed me to undo all my years of perfectionism, and be OK with who I am right now. It has helped me stop yelling, stop getting so angry so quickly, and stop staying up working all night.

It has been my life saver.

And what I have now shared with thousands of mamas around the world.

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what do you get?

The eight meditations that make up this brand new Meditation series are a collection of the life-changing meditations I have been teaching and sharing for more than four years. They are the exact meditations I have shared with thousands of women to help them slow down, nurture themselves, find gratitude in the little things, and stop the guilt.

Made up of eight meditations chosen to

balance your nervous system,

allow you to slow down,

switch off the Fight or Flight response,

and be grateful for this time in your life,

each one includes my voice, a short guided visualisation and relaxation. All at the very-manageable length of 10-12 minutes.

Included in your Meditation Bundle is a meditation for every moment of motherhood:

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I Am Enough

the perfect way to stop chasing perfectionism and the endless pursuit of success, this meditation will gently guide you to accept that you already are enough.

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It’s OK for Me to Slowdown

the answer for any mama who struggles to switch off, slow down and take time out for themselves. This meditation is a beautiful reminder that we must rest to rise.

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I’m Exactly Where I’m Meant to Be

the anecdote for all those times you wish things could be different, this meditation will help you accept that all is happening just as it should, and you are exactly where you’re meant to be.

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and finally, the most powerful practice of all: gratitude. This is a divine meditation that can be used on a daily basis to guide you to focus on all that you have in your life, and live in a state of gratitude.

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Loving Kindness

to help you start practicing kindness towards yourself in all situations, stop the comparisons, and view each situation with love.

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Rebuild & Reconnect

to help you learn to love and nourish your body, and be grateful for all it does for you everyday – including the miracle of motherhood.

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to help you focus on how strong you are now you are a Mama, and connect with your inner wisdom and power.

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to help you embrace all the joy and wonder of this journey, and start to be a truly happy mama.

Honouring the Mama & the Woman Meditation Pack

Meditation Pack

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"I'm calmer, happier, and I can see myself getting worked up before I explode, therefore, I can fix it. My kids are listening better because I yell and nag less. I am nicer to my husband. I worry less about things that drove me to insanity before."

"Since starting on this journey with you and practicing meditation, I am calmer inside - physically, emotionally and mentally. I have stopped fighting against the situation I find myself in at the moment and accepted it for what it is. I have also stopped clock-watching in the evenings and stressing thinking about everything I have to do before going to bed, and instead can enjoy my time with my little girl and even cook a proper meal!"

"My thought patterns are changing. My life feels happier. I am full of energy and I am actually getting healthier and on the road to being cured. I now meditate, do yoga and go to the gym."