Managing the mother load

A revolutionary conversation with eve rodsky and amy taylor-kabbaz

Why is it...

that most of the parenting roles still fall on the mother, even in this day and age? 

Why is it workplaces are still expecting women with children at home to show up as if they were single and in their twenties?

And why are these conversations still so hard to have?

meet your hosts

Amy taylor-kabbaz

Amy is a writer, producer, speaker and mama to three. After more than a decade covering braking and current affairs for the ABC around the country, her 'traditional' career took an unexpected turn when she found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid condition after the birth of her first daughter.

11 years - and two more babies - later, she is now the author of the best-selling 'Mama Rising' (Hay House), the host of 'The Happy Mama Movement' Podcast (with more than 300,000 downloads), runs numerous online programs for mothers all over the world, is an international award-winning coach, and trains women passionate about supporting mothers in matrescence.


Eve Rodsky

Eve is the New York Times Best-Selling and Reece's Book Club Pick author Fair Play - and as a former mediator and frustrated working mama, she has literally written the rule book on managing the expectations of what we need to do as a mother and a woman.

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  • Who's job is it anyway? Why we still assume it's the mothers role
  • How we can own our own (often silent) expectations of what we should be doing as a 'good mother'
  • How to talk about a more fair and equal share of parenting and housework with your partner and support system

Please know...

this will not just be an hour of lamenting how unfair it is, leaving you feeling acknowledged but even more frustrated.

This is a conversation with solutions.

This is a chance to join a revolutionary conversation about what's expected of you, and how to manage it.

You will leave this conversation with an empowered plan on how to reduce the expecation that you will do it all... and become a more balanced, happy and whole mother and woman.

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