Ep #91 – Living with Grace with Cathy Spooner

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How do you find peace with parts of this mamahood journey that aren't so joyful and happy?
What if you feel a sense of sadness or anger that it seems so much easier for others?
How exactly do you live with grace?
These are the questions author and mama Cathy Spooner had to face when she realised that deep down inside, she was not happy. On the outside, she should have been – she had all she'd dreamed about. but somewhere underneath it all, there was a sense of loss too. A loss of herself, and a loss of some of the core joyful moments of early mamahood.
In this beautiful interview, Cathy shares her story of post-natal depression and darkness, and how she has found her way back to herself – her true self. Grace, and what it really means on a daily basis, has helped her put rock-solid self-care practices into her life, and has guided her to realise that even when it's nothing like you want it to be, motherhood is the making of you.
If you'd like to read more of Cathy's story, use the code HAPPYMAMA here to receive a generous 20% off her book ‘Living with Grace'.
And find out more about Cathy here.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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