Ep #76 – Rewilding Motherhood with Geordie Bull

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Spontaneity, freedom, travel – what's that again?
That's what the early years of motherhood can feel like at times. The free spirited part of our solves – the woman who ran with the wolves – can sometimes feel completely missing from our now parenting-focused worlds.
But to completely dismiss a whole part of ourselves – a part that we used to thrive on – is to deny a core part of what makes us happier. And whilst motherhood, especially the early years, does require some major rethinking of what living a wild and free life looks like, we must find a way to rewild motherhood in our own way.
That's what writer, artist, and mama to two Geordie Bull has has to do. With the arrival of her second baby came a dark time in her life. Juggling two children meant no time to paint or be present with her older daughter, and she felt herself get lost in the dark thoughts and overwhelm. Since then, she has been on her own inner adventure – to ‘rewild' motherhood, and herself.
You can follow Geordie's rewilding adventure on Instagram. And if you want to see a picture of the tattoo I refer to in this episode, you'll have to follow Happy Mama with Amy on FaceBook or Instagram!

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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