Ep 57 – Alcohol and finding the right tools in life with Talitha Cummins

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How do we cope with the pressure everyday? When the world is demanding so much of us, what tools are we given to get through as best we can? The truth is – most of us have been handed down unhealthy ways of dealing with pressure. And whether it's alcohol, over-eating, social media, or something else that just drains you even more, it's time we acknowledged as women that we need a new way. We need to learn how to honour rest and what our body is telling us. 
Talitha Cummins' story is so important to share: after chasing a career in TV journalism for many years, Talitha found her reliance on alcohol was getting out of control. Now as a mama to one (with one on the way), she is here to share with us how she faced her addictions, and found a healthier set of tools to really live a fulfilled life. Yes, this is a story about alcoholism, but it's also a story about all of us, and the tools we use to help us in times of struggle. 
For more information on the tools you can use in your life, please go to Talitha's website, or Hello Sunday Morning, or the Happy Mama Reconnect Program

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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