Ep #161 – The Maternal Mandate and the Assumptions of Motherhood

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This podcast episode is a recording of a live workshop I presented and had such a beautiful reaction to, I wanted to share with you all. Just take a look at the comments that came through, and you'll see why:
Patrycja: Thank you Amy. This was very reassuring. For a while I felt there was something wrong with the way I felt. Now I know what it is and where to keep searching for more answers.
Louise: That was amazing – just that tiny snippet has progressed my thinking and learning around motherhood. Thank you Amy 🙂
Kara: this past year has been an awakening for me and many mother's. I've needed this meeting my entire life. Up at 5am to catch this, no regrets… you spoke to my soul tonight.
Diana: The fact I'm on the brink of tears due to how much this resonated with me probably means I'm ready for a change.
Maria: Thanks Amy! Knowing about the mandate is so relieving! Your tips & questions after that – OMG, so empowering!!!
Kira: I can feel the grief , sadness and heartache rising in me “knowing I get to choose” lots of love for myself and letting go!
Rachel: Thank you Amy. Great perspective, lucid insights and an approach that speaks to me.
KT: Thank you Amy! made me sob, in a good way. I find it hard to be a modern, happy mother and not pulled back to my mums generational requirements (which were unhealthy!)
Courtney: I cried the whole way through this. thank you Amy
Emily: I also cried the whole way through. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to make things better for my daughter and my friends and myself now. Thank you
So what is it that I shared that brought so many tears?
The Maternal Mandate.
And once you hear it explained, you too will feel completely differently about yourself and motherhood.
A transformation that starts with pregnancy, and does not ‘finish' for as long as you are raising your children.
In our current society, and the value we place on motherhood, this transition has been completely ignored, misunderstood and dismissed.
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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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