Ep #128 – Being a Container of Calm with Helen Joy Butler

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These are challenging times.
As mamas, as women, as daughters, and as citizens, we are the Space Holders. And in the world right now, that means there's a lot on our shoulders.
But how do we be a container of calm when there's so much chaos and fear around us?
As so many of us return home, how do we create a sanctuary in our homes, in our minds and in our bodies?
In response to the coronavirus, I reached out to Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Healer and mama, Helen Joy Butler, to share with us how we can create Sanctuary in our homes at the moment – and be a container of calm.
In this episode, Helen shares practical ways to look after yourself as a mama and a woman right now, how to monitor your own health and wellbeing, and create a space in your home and lives that support you right now.
TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOW TO SUPPORT YOURSELF DURING THESE TIMES, Amy has created special support and community at Returning Home.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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