Ep# 106 – The one thing that finally stopped the self-criticism

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I used to teach that self-care was the answer to so much of our strugggles as mamas. That if we just ‘filled our cup first', we would change that feeling of overwhelm,
And I believed it. In fact, I practised what I preached – over and over again. Until my pursuit of trying to squeeze everything in, including the self-care, caused early labour and complete burn out.
So when I talk about how to finally switch out of that comparison mode and the feeling that you've never done enough now, I share from a place of real learning:
I've had to figure out why, no matter what I did, I couldn't seem to slow down or be kind to myself.
This podcast episode is a little different this week. Rather than a short insight from me, I am sharing with you an online workshop I recently taught on self-criticism, and how we can finally stop pushing ourselves so hard each day. How we can let go of Superwoman, and actually start living our life with joy and connection. And I share practical insights that have finally worked in helping me – and thousands of others – switch off that inner critic, and be the mama AND woman they want to be.
And remember, you can join the 40 day REDEFINE program until Friday 30th August here – this is the last time I will be running this program this year, and at this price.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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