#223 – Can Mothers Really Do Less? – With Kate Northrup

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Welcome back Mamas!

Thank you so much for finding your back way here for our first episode of 2023.

On this occasion, I have the privilege of interviewing Kate Northrup, the author of the fantastic book, ‘Do Less'. A book about breaking down the established masculine structures, that are pushing us to do more, climb higher, ‘succeed', be busy, rush, achieve more… and rather, choosing to ‘do less', maintain equilibrium, and still sustain a feeling of fulfillment and joy, creating our own schedule, on our own terms.

This week we explore this idea with beautiful insights from Kate, as she relates her experiences and gives up a crash course in honoring our bodies, our inner world, and synchronizing with the ‘seasons' that govern our lives.

  • [3:38] – Introduction
  • [5:38] – Lessons from Motherhood
  • [9:49] – Safety and Agency and Calm
  • [11:40] – A Crash Course
  • [12:58] – Like a Trampoline
  • [15:00] – Our Cyclical Nature
  • [17:47] – The Cover Crops of Life: Things that fill us up.
  • [21:03] – Masculine Structures
  • [22:47] – The ‘Reality of ‘No Winter'
  • [25:07] – The Inner Patriarchy
  • [26:25] – The New Preface to ‘Do Less'
  • [30:05] – A Beautiful Reminder

Thank you for spending time with me today. I truly hope that you find something of value in this episode, that might assist you in living your life more fully, perhaps a new perspective or a practice that will help you make more sense of things and give you that sense of ease and calm, bathed in joy.

Check out my other podcast episodes for a wide range of topics.

Also head on over to Kates website https://katenorthrup.com/book/and pick up her fabulous book, ‘Do Less'.

As mentioned in this episode, the Mama Rising Facilitator training is open for enrolment in 2023. An opportunity to become a certified Mama Rising Facilitator in 2023, and teach and share the ground-breaking insight of Matrescence with the world.

Visit https://mamarising.net/mama-rising-2023/ to find out more.

Within these conversations, we change the way mothers are valued and seen in our society and spread the whispers of Matrescence together.

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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