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You’ve built the foundations of something powerful.

You know your vision and you know where you’re going. But the internal programming that has got you this far is burning you out. 

You’ve defined success as doing ‘all the things’ - and it’s worked so far.

You’re on your way. But at what expense? 

And beyond that… 

You want to FEEL more. 


You want more money so you can have more support. 

You want more time so you can enjoy this life you are creating. 

You want success to feel different than this - but you don’t know how to shift out of this way of doing it. 

You want to revolutionise your life and blow up the old way of doing things that sees you hitting the Maternal Wall in your work and in your relationship over and over again.


is not

the way

Two years ago

my world changed. 

After 7 years of pushing myself to my limits to build a coaching business, I was suddenly an ‘overnight success’, launching an online training program that brought in over 6 figures in 10 days. 


And at exactly the same time - within 48 hours - my marriage collapsed. 

How could I keep going when my whole world was crumbling? 

I couldn’t push anymore. I couldn’t work ridiculous hours and push my heartbroken body to the extremes. 

In fact, just as my business took off and my dreams finally came true, I had to step back. 


I made a promise

A promise to learn how to do this differently. 

I wasn’t willing to sacrifice myself for my success anymore. 

I wasn’t willing to have success in one area of my life but crisis in all the other areas. 

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Since then...


  • I’ve completely transformed my relationship with the masculine and healed deep wounds from the betrayal in my marriage;
  • I’ve redefined success and now work less hours but more intentionally than ever; 
  • I’ve started a new conscious relationship that is the most empowering I’ve ever experienced; 
  • And I have been able to be present with my children through their own grief and pain of the past 2 years, including the biggest parenting crisis of my life. 

The key to your happiness, your growth, your wealth, your sensual experience, your life

is YOU.

Knowing you deeper and better than anyone.

How does your energy work?
What are your triggers that keep you stuck?
Why can’t you receive more?
When do you retreat and hide?
Why can’t you truly surrender?
What keeps you closed?

What are you here to do - that no one else in the world could do
(because they are not you)?

These are the questions I’ve asked myself over the past 3 years.

And the answers I found led me to a breaking down of everything I knew about myself… 

And the rebuilding of a life that, although filled with challenges, is more passionate and more alive than I thought possible. 



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Accelerator is a 4 month energetic container of 12 of the most powerful women you will ever meet. 

Each and every woman who steps into this is fiercely committed to accelerating her life - in a new way. 

Not through hustle. 

But through deep reverence and self-exploration.

Together we will
  • Deeply heal your relationship with the masculine
  • Change your perception and acceptance of money 
  • Rewire your brain and your nervous system around work and leadership 
  • Crack open your heart to receive like never before  
  • Find your unique way of working so you never judge the ups and downs of your energy again
Please know: 

This is not for the woman who is only just starting in her business, and is still needing mentoring on what her vision and business actually is. 

(I have other places and ways to connect with me if this is you). 

Accelerator is for the woman who already has her biggest vision and has already built the foundation for it. 

This isn’t about how long you’ve been in business or how much money you are making - it’s about the steadiness you need to feel in who you are and what you are here to do… 


So that when you step into this energetic container, you are ready to be unleashed

and cracked open… 

You are ready to


...every damn area of your life. Not just your business.
Your whole life. 

Things to consider before applying
  • This is a deeply interactive experience, and it is expected that you will be a part of the group discussions and conversations. In our container, we dance between giving and receiving. Please make sure you are ready for this, and have the capacity for both. 
  • Live calls will be held on Wednesdays at 7pm AEDT. Whilst they will be recorded and can be accessed at a later date, it’s expected you will be on these calls live to be able to truly accelerate your experience. 
  • The energy in this container is very important, therefore, not all applications may be accepted. Please know - this is simply to ensure all 12 women are at the same point in their readiness and willingness to accelerate. There will be other ways to work with me if you are not successful in your application. 
what it is

Accelerator is a 4 month container and coaching intensive.

Every month, you will experience

  • 2 x group coaching calls, 90-120 minutes.
  • 1 x masterclass with an energy and polarity expert.
  • a live and interactive WhatsApp group with access to Amy.
  • 1 week of integration and embodiment.


  • 2 x one on one mentoring sessions with Amy to be used in the 4 months, (Valued at $900)
  • 1 x one on one astrological reading to understand your vision, your voice and your marketing with Amy's personal copywriter and guide Sophia Pallas. (Valued at $500)


Pay in Full


Payment Plan

4 x $1100 per month


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will open you up to more.

More money.

More connection.

More sovereignty.

More power.

More pleasure.

So that you may give so much more to the world.

This is the new way.