You know there's more to the transition into motherhood than the physical changes.

You've felt it yourself.
And you've seen it in the women around you.

You see their struggles, and you struggle with the words to support them.

You know there's something more...

but what is it?

It's the forgotten transition of motherhood...


And as someone who is passionate about supporting, valuing and changing the way women feel about themselves in motherhood, this is what you've been waiting for.

What if you understood what happened to a woman as she enters and moves through motherhood, and could empower the mamas around you to feel differently?

What if you could help her understand why she feels the way she does...
and what to do about it?

What if you had the language, the tools, the skills to support mothers differently?

This is the gift of The Forgotten Transition.


It's time for a different narrative around


There are reasons why the world looks different after you become

a mother.


There is nothing wrong with you if you don't recognise yourself.

Together we can start to UNDERSTAND the real transition that is motherhood so we can start to forgive ourselves and learn how to really support ourselves and other mamas.

We’re creating a ripple effect here.

A movement.

A wave of awareness that is starting with us - you, me and our beautiful circle of mamas.

It is time to change the way mothers feel about themselves and the journey they are on.

In this one hour Masterclass, you will hear from the world's Leading Matrescence and Motherhood



Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Hay House authorjournalist, international award-winning coach  + Matrescence Activist. Amy has spent more than a decade trying to find ways to stop the overwhelm of modern motherhood (and taking it out on her family) and she is here to show you exactly what works.

As a producer with more than 15 years experience at the ABC, Amy brings the research and dedication of a journalist to the passion of an anthropologist and coach. Since 2013, she has trained as an Internationally Accredited Life Coach, Post-Natal Yoga teacher, and Meditation facilitator. With an Honours Degree in International Studies and a Graduate Certificate in International Development focusing on empowering women in the developing world, she has always been focused on women: why the world views them in a particular way, and what they can do about it.

In 2020, Amy created 'Mama Rising', a Facilitator Training program empowering women who work and support mothers around the world in her unique insights into Matrescence, and how to take the research and support mothers differently.


Dr Oscar Serrallach

Dr Serrallach has spent the past eight years devoted to the identification and treatment of postnatal depletion, and brings his knowledge on postnatal depletion and fourth trimester healing with the launch of his book, The Post Natal Depletion Cure.

Through a personal family experience and the lens of functional medicine, he came to realise the huge impact that nutrition, lifestyle and the environment have on the postnatal period.


Dr Aurelie Athan

Psychologist and faculty member at The Teachers College, Columbia University Dr Aurelie Athan is the world's leading researcher into matrescence.

Having first discovered the work of Dana Raphael and matrescence as part of her own research, she has now gone on to lead the world's study and understanding of the transition into motherhood.


When I first became a mama, I knew something profound had just happened.

Sure, I’d just given birth, but something else had just occurred: something new, uncomfortable, unpredictable has begun too. 

As I looked into my little girl’s eyes, a very overpowering question began to stir:

How can I be everything for you, and not lose myself? 

It was as if I immediately knew that this was going to be it - never again was it just going to be me, only me, and my dreams.

I was forever changed.

Over the coming months, that question and that uncomfortable feeling, that accompanied it, grew and grew. No matter how much I began to feel at home as a mama, I still felt that question within. So, I began to look around…

Surely someone else was talking about this?

Wasn’t anyone else wondering how this whole motherhood thing would change them?


I found absolutely no-one talking about this.

Which lead me to deep self-judgement.


"It must be just me. I must be a bad mum for questioning this."

There was something wrong with me for asking ‘what about me?’ when my baby needed me so much.

So I pushed that question down, deep down, and just got on with it. Hiding behind the mask of busyness, pretending that all was OK. 

This is what happens when we don’t talk about the transition of motherhood, mama.

When we force a woman to ignore those inner questions, that searching for ‘what now?’, we force her to abandon herself.

We make her feel wrong.

She is not wrong, broken, or lost. She just hasn't been given the right insights into the massive transition she is going through.


This is what The Forgotten Transition will show you -

what we've missed in our understanding of motherhood, and what we can do about it.

The Forgotten Transition

The Forgotten Transition Masterclass is the key to supporting mothers differently